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bruceam 06-10-2009 02:53 PM

How Do I Compile the Kernal in Debian Lenny
While attempting to install the latest nVidia drivers from nVidia, I receive an error message telling me that these drivers were compiled with gcc-4.3 and my Debian Lenny kernal was compiled with gcc-4.1. Unfortunately, the nvidia drivers on the Debian distribution site simply do not do not work propertly, so I must use the manufacturer's drivers.

I therefore humbly request information, and assistance in the following areas. These are things I fell I should know, not just for this problem, but for other, unforeseeable circumstances that I may encounter in the future.

a) How do I download all of the necessary kernal source files?
b) How do I identify and acquire the source code for all necessary modules?
c) How do I compile these file (and the appropriate modules)?
d) How do I "MAKE" the compiled code?
e) How do I set everything up so that when I boot, the correct version of the kernal is installed.

Oh Yes,

f) How do I make certain I have everything installed in my machine to accomplish items a) through e) before I begin any of those operations?

Thank you in advance for your patients, time, and assistance.

pljvaldez 06-10-2009 02:56 PM

Just install gcc-4.1 and then temporarily change the symlink for gcc from gcc-4.3 to gcc-4.1. Then the Nvidia installer should work fine and you won't need to recompile your kernel.

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