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qsiek 08-27-2012 02:26 PM

Greetings from Poland
Hi everyone,
I'm Marcin and I'm working on my masters degree currently. It's based on a ARM platform working with a linux OS onboard. I have some troubles with that that's why I am posting here.

The ARM platform is Versatile Express with Cortex-A9 onboard. I made it work together with linux 3.2 ipipe-kernel but i had to start over and ... an error poped out that have nerver appeared before. This is what's able to be seen on console:


## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 00008000 ...
  Image Name:  linux-3.2
  Image Type:  ARM Linux Kernel Image (uncompressed)
  Data Size:    5900684 Bytes =  5.6 MB
  Load Address: 60008000
  Entry Point:  60008000
  Loading Kernel Image ... OK
ARM internal:: Moved kernel boot params from 0x00000100 to 0x60000100 to match image header entry point 0x60008000

Starting kernel ...

Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset
Initializing cgroup subsys cpu
Linux version 3.2.21-ipipe (marcin@simisc.EMEA) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2012.03-57) ) #32 Mon Aug 27 18:41:14 CEST 2012
CPU: ARMv7 Processor [410fc091] revision 1 (ARMv7), cr=10c53c7d
CPU: PIPT / VIPT nonaliasing data cache, VIPT aliasing instruction cache
Machine: ARM-Versatile Express
bootconsole [earlycon0] enabled
Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset
Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset
Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset
Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset
...(and so on)

I have no clue what might be the problem (the "Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset" fraze is displaying over and over again to infinity)

I'd be glad if anybody have any solutions.

Marcin Kuska

sycamorex 08-27-2012 03:08 PM

Cześć i witamy na LQ.

This section is only for new member introductions. I'm going to report this thread to a relevant section of LQ for more exposure.


jefro 08-27-2012 08:56 PM has some clues that may suggest your disto is trying to associate kernel to some group and it failing.

Arm or whoever built it should have better information. The vendors tend to have some sdk or tools to help or at least some known working version to start you off.

qsiek 08-30-2012 11:02 AM

The solution was to extract fresh linux kernel (make mrproper did not work) and apply every patch you need from the begining. I have no idea what was the problem but this worked.

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