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KiraII 07-13-2007 12:43 AM

exec of init (/sbin/init) failed!!! kernel panic
I try to make a linux system in my U key

I use an initrd from REDHAT.

but kernle panic with the following infomation

Switching to new root
exec of init(/sbin/init)failed!!!:2
umount /initrd/dev failed:2
kernel panic - not syncing :Attempted to kill init!

I througt it may failed to mount root filesystem, so that I can't find the init. however, I change the init script in initrd, using find command
find ./ init
it turn out that I can find init in /sbin.
1)Does it mean that I have succeed to mount my root file system?
2)If it is, why exec of init failed?(I use init from busybox)

Thanx a lot!

sundialsvcs 07-13-2007 09:07 PM

Well, first of all, "kernel panic - attempted to kill init," is simply your computer's dying breath.

Technically speaking: The init process, which is basically "the system itself," is not allowed to die, "but it just did." The problem isn't that "it died," but why? And we see that reason clearly enough .. in the PRECEDING messages, some of which you've listed.

Look at the first message that appeared, when the computer first started to "fall down." Look there for clues.

It's probably some kind of fairly-simple configuration problem. Maybe the simplest thing to do is to simply "try again," checking your work very carefully. I mean, you don't want to wind up wasting too much time banging-your-head against it if you can avoid that.

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