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muralis 09-04-2008 12:08 PM

Doubts in Kernel Stack
Hello All,

i have some doubts to dump the kernel Stack.My kernel version is 2.4.17 with Crashdump
Mechanism(LKCD).For Example we have 3 Process A,B and C.

Currently process A is running,at this moment i have kernel stack for this process A.
Is it possible to dump the kernel Stack for Process C from process A.Because i know the ESP stack pointer
for Process C,so i can able to find the Process Descriptor for the Process C.
ESP_for_Process_C & 0xfffffe00 ==> Process desciptor for process C.

So i can dump the kernel Stack from this process descriptor address to next 8 KB.
My kernel Stack size is 8 KB(i486 processor).

Could you please let me know about your feeback for my doubt.If my question is wrong kindly ignore it.

Thanks in Advance.


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