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exvor 02-15-2006 07:49 PM

Xorg radeon driver on 2.6 kernel Crashes system
Strange issue here and ATI is commited to telling me that its not there problem.

im on a ATI radeon mobility x600 card.

this laptop has a ATI chipset and everything is pratcily PCI express.

anywhoo here is the strange stuff.

when using my own distro of linux its a LFS 6.0 system im not able to start X org 2.8 at all actually it crashes the system hard and cannot be recovered from in any way shape or form.

the Xorg log give absolutly no error messages that can be usefull in tracking the issue.

the problem occurs on the proprietary ATI driver fglrx as well as the ones built into Xorg called radeon.

when using vesa i can get into X just fine. One thing i did not try is the xfree86 instead of xorg.

Ive searched online to try and find information and have failed to find anything that resloves the issue.

So I got dareing and thought maybe it was something with the new kernel that was causing the issue. So i installed slackware 10.1 that still happens to use the 2.4 kernel. After install i downloaded the lateset ATI drivers and them attempted to load X no crash and had full acelleration. Now why is where im comming up short. I have no idea why it would work fine in 2.4 but crash the system in 2.6 it seams to be the only diffrence.

any advice would be great.

exvor 02-16-2006 11:20 PM

I have an update to this mystry

Im running a laptop that has a amd athlon64

after installing fedora 4 64bit version. This os used the 2.6 kernel and i was able to sucessfully get the fglrx and radeon drivers to work properly. So im still not sure what was going on with my other system but i suspect it may be because of my use of a 32 bit compiled operating system and a 64 bit kernel :P being that others have had this issue before im not convinced that this is totaly something i was doing special with my operating system.

Anywhoo if I find more information on this issue ill post it here for any other unlucky soul that may encounter this issue.

exvor 02-20-2006 12:34 PM


This was incorrect information.

exvor 03-05-2006 02:01 PM


If you are running the radeon x600 or any x*** series cards.

when building the kernel do not add in the radeon frambuffer drivers.

they are what cause the lockup in the system when starting x.

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