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Conpen2000 01-12-2004 11:08 PM

Xante Printer Network Printer, Slack 9.1
I need to print to a LPR/LocalTalk/EtherTalk/NovellPrintServer enabled printer. Its IP Adress is . Its name is Accel-a-Writer_3G_PS. What do I put into CUPS where it says "Device?" Should I use LPR? I heard it is really old and has security flaws.
And what do I put in for "Make" if my printer company isn't listed? Is "Raw" ok? Lets assume I put in lpd:// for the "Device URL." Would that work?

*3 secs later*

OK, just did it, doesnt work. CUPS is "Attempting to connect to host for printer queue." And the printer is not responding.

Two things:
1. Its on and plugged into ethernet.
2. My Mac (OSX, no special drivers installed) can access it

All help appreciated

EDIT: Pinging the IP adress does nothing. Literally, NOTHING happens. Just goes down a line. Is "ping" correct for linux?

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