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physivic 11-15-2004 04:20 AM

wireless USB optic mouse too sensitive RH9 old dell pc
I have a relatively new USB wireless optical mouse, made by Jasco and sold as a GE. There is another brand selling the same mouse under a different name, probably Logitech (saw it @ best buy).

It works fine in my Red Hat 9 distro, which I just upgraded. But the sensitivity is far too high to be usable, even when I type this:

xset m 1

..which is the lowest xset parameter possible, it seems. Setting it higher does, in fact, affect it, but even at this lowest setting, it's too fast. Trying XF86Config mouse settings does no damage at all, though it does when I use it to change my PS/2 mouse settings, when that's plugged in.

I saw something on another forum about a libvga.config file, but I couldn't find that in /etc/ or in an /etc/vga directory that was suggested (doesn't exist). I assume that RH9 doesn't use a libvga.config .

I have a RAM and HDD-upgraded Dell Dimension V433C.

How do I set it lower? I do not have a list of mouse types to apply to my XF86Config mouse section. I am assuming that's the only other option.

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cryptwizard 11-15-2004 04:41 AM

Just wondering? Have you heard of the tools locate and find?
locate libvga.config

that will give you the location. however, if you dont have a search index, try
Last Resort:
find /*/*/libvga.config
find /*/*/*/libvga.config

etc. until you find it. (or you have 100 asterisks and decide that its not there)

physivic 11-15-2004 07:00 AM

`locate' only locates a sample from the site I'd visited
`locate' only locates a sample from the site I'd visited. thus, there is no such original file on the Dell.

How is Fedora Core 3? are there main differences I should know about before moving up from RH9? I would like to but I'm not feeling lucky with this 433 mHz Celeron.

Mouse is a PITA but I still like it better than the PS/2 Monopoly$oft one in my closet.

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