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EnigmaX 09-29-2006 01:12 AM

Wireless Adapter AWD154 having issues accessing internet
I'm using the ndiswrapper to get this device a module for the kernel, and that seems to be going fine.

It gets added, but has limited functionality it seems.

First off, when I do a iwlist scan, it lists all the wireless networks in the area... but they all have a quality of 0, and I think some of the other data is off as well.

The device creates wlan0, which obtains an IP address ( I don't think it should be obtaining 101 since I'm pretty sure other computers use that address on the network. My laptop gets 102, the computer in the other complex should be getting 100, and the kids computer in the next room should have 101 (It's a linksys, starts at 100 lol).

However, if I try to do anything with it, the network doesn't work. It may be trying to use eth0 to do everything network related, but that seems a bit odd? And if I use dhcpcd to get a new address from wlan0 it is locked.

The distribution is OpenSuSE
I used iwconfig to set the essid, and it seemed to get its ip automatically.

Is there any other steps I should be taking to get ndiswrapper to work, or the hardware to be read better or something of the such? Not sure what else would be helpful information =\


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