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Vensan 11-20-2005 07:13 PM

windows/linux hard drive capacity
sorry if this might not be a directly linux question.
i've got a 200gb (slave) hard disk and windows xp only sees and lets me partition(doesn't matter how many partions) 150gb, but linux sees all of 200gb, and lets me partion 200gb, and then after i boot into windows i can actually see the 200gb that linux partioned. So now i'm worried if it's safe to use that 200gb on windows, because i had some data loss in the past about a few weeks after i did that,
or was it just because of a faulty hard drive. Or do i just need to buy a new motherboard that supports more hard disk space.

kilgoretrout 11-20-2005 07:39 PM

A few things could account for that. First there are system bios limits. Depending on how old your system is, the bios may not support hard drives as large as 200GB. This is more of a problem for windows than linux. Windows is bound by the bios size limit. However, when booting linux, once you load the linux kernel, linux kisses the bios size limit good bye and the full capacity of the drive will be seen.
Another thing is which version of winxp you are using. IIRC you need at least Service Pack 1 installed to get winxp to recognize hard drives larger than 158GB, even if the bios can handle larger hard drives. Of course, linux will be unaffected by that problem.

porzech 01-19-2007 10:39 AM

there is a patch for windows xp and 2k to support drives larger than 137GB (128GB binary)
For windows XP its included in SP1 as far as i recall but You should obtain a tool (from drive manufacturers site - ie. Western Digital DataLiveGuatd tools) to check if the support is enabled couse even if SP1 is installed support for large drives could be disabled there is an artice on microsoft site describing how to manually correct that situation;en-us;303013
there is also problem with suspend and resume on windows when large disks are used;en-us;331958

of course Your bios must be able to see the full size of the disk if not his procedures will not help much for windows

if thats the case i would advise you to put a linux partition (ie to store there contents of /home directory on it at the end of the drive
windows will not see it and that way it will not try to write there and will not corrupt any data

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