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motaguense 08-23-2004 09:26 PM

windows formatted hard drive
I am trying to mount my windows hard drive but I have got a lot of hd partitions
ls hd*
hda hdb57 hdd47 hdf37 hdh27 hdj17 hdk8 hdm55 hdo45 hdq35 hds25
hda1 hdb58 hdd48 hdf38 hdh28 hdj18 hdk9 hdm56 hdo46 hdq36 hds26
hda10 hdb59 hdd49 hdf39 hdh29 hdj19 hdl hdm57 hdo47 hdq37 hds27
hda11 hdb6 hdd5 hdf4 hdh3 hdj2 hdl1 hdm58 hdo48 hdq38 hds28
hda12 hdb60 hdd50 hdf40 hdh30 hdj20 hdl10 hdm59 hdo49 hdq39 hds29
hda13 hdb61 hdd51 hdf41 hdh31 hdj21 hdl11 hdm6 hdo5 hdq4 hds3
hda14 hdb62 hdd52 hdf42 hdh32 hdj22 hdl12 hdm60 hdo50 hdq40 hds30
hda15 hdb63 hdd53 hdf43 hdh33 hdj23 hdl13 hdm61 hdo51 hdq41 hds31
hda16 hdb7 hdd54 hdf44 hdh34 hdj24 hdl14 hdm62 hdo52 hdq42 hds32
hda17 hdb8 hdd55 hdf45 hdh35 hdj25 hdl15 hdm63 hdo53 hdq43 hds33
hda18 hdb9 hdd56 hdf46 hdh36 hdj26 hdl16 hdm7 hdo54 hdq44 hds34
hda19 hdc hdd57 hdf47 hdh37 hdj27 hdl17 hdm8 hdo55 hdq45 hds35
hda2 hdc1 hdd58 hdf48 hdh38 hdj28 hdl18 hdm9 hdo56 hdq46 hds36
hda20 hdc10 hdd59 hdf49 hdh39 hdj29 hdl19 hdn hdo57 hdq47 hds37
hda21 hdc11 hdd6 hdf5 hdh4 hdj3 hdl2 hdn1 hdo58 hdq48 hds38
hda22 hdc12 hdd60 hdf50 hdh40 hdj30 hdl20 hdn10 hdo59 hdq49 hds39
hda23 hdc13 hdd61 hdf51 hdh41 hdj31 hdl21 hdn11 hdo6 hdq5 hds4
hda24 hdc14 hdd62 hdf52 hdh42 hdj32 hdl22 hdn12 hdo60 hdq50 hds40
hda25 hdc15 hdd63 hdf53 hdh43 hdj33 hdl23 hdn13 hdo61 hdq51 hds41
hda26 hdc16 hdd7 hdf54 hdh44 hdj34 hdl24 hdn14 hdo62 hdq52 hds42
hda27 hdc17 hdd8 hdf55 hdh45 hdj35 hdl25 hdn15 hdo63 hdq53 hds43
hda28 hdc18 hdd9 hdf56 hdh46 hdj36 hdl26 hdn16 hdo7 hdq54 hds44
hda29 hdc19 hde hdf57 hdh47 hdj37 hdl27 hdn17 hdo8 hdq55 hds45
hda3 hdc2 hde1 hdf58 hdh48 hdj38 hdl28 hdn18 hdo9 hdq56 hds46
hda30 hdc20 hde10 hdf59 hdh49 hdj39 hdl29 hdn19 hdp hdq57 hds47
hda31 hdc21 hde11 hdf6 hdh5 hdj4 hdl3 hdn2 hdp1 hdq58 hds48
hda32 hdc22 hde12 hdf60 hdh50 hdj40 hdl30 hdn20 hdp10 hdq59 hds49
hda33 hdc23 hde13 hdf61 hdh51 hdj41 hdl31 hdn21 hdp11 hdq6 hds5
hda34 hdc24 hde14 hdf62 hdh52 hdj42 hdl32 hdn22 hdp12 hdq60 hds50
hda35 hdc25 hde15 hdf63 hdh53 hdj43 hdl33 hdn23 hdp13 hdq61 hds51
hda36 hdc26 hde16 hdf7 hdh54 hdj44 hdl34 hdn24 hdp14 hdq62 hds52
hda37 hdc27 hde17 hdf8 hdh55 hdj45 hdl35 hdn25 hdp15 hdq63 hds53
hda38 hdc28 hde18 hdf9 hdh56 hdj46 hdl36 hdn26 hdp16 hdq7 hds54
hda39 hdc29 hde19 hdg hdh57 hdj47 hdl37 hdn27 hdp17 hdq8 hds55
hda4 hdc3 hde2 hdg1 hdh58 hdj48 hdl38 hdn28 hdp18 hdq9 hds56
hda40 hdc30 hde20 hdg10 hdh59 hdj49 hdl39 hdn29 hdp19 hdr hds57
hda41 hdc31 hde21 hdg11 hdh6 hdj5 hdl4 hdn3 hdp2 hdr1 hds58
hda42 hdc32 hde22 hdg12 hdh60 hdj50 hdl40 hdn30 hdp20 hdr10 hds59
hda43 hdc33 hde23 hdg13 hdh61 hdj51 hdl41 hdn31 hdp21 hdr11 hds6
hda44 hdc34 hde24 hdg14 hdh62 hdj52 hdl42 hdn32 hdp22 hdr12 hds60
hda45 hdc35 hde25 hdg15 hdh63 hdj53 hdl43 hdn33 hdp23 hdr13 hds61
hda46 hdc36 hde26 hdg16 hdh7 hdj54 hdl44 hdn34 hdp24 hdr14 hds62
hda47 hdc37 hde27 hdg17 hdh8 hdj55 hdl45 hdn35 hdp25 hdr15 hds63
hda48 hdc38 hde28 hdg18 hdh9 hdj56 hdl46 hdn36 hdp26 hdr16 hds7
hda49 hdc39 hde29 hdg19 hdi hdj57 hdl47 hdn37 hdp27 hdr17 hds8
hda5 hdc4 hde3 hdg2 hdi1 hdj58 hdl48 hdn38 hdp28 hdr18 hds9
hda50 hdc40 hde30 hdg20 hdi10 hdj59 hdl49 hdn39 hdp29 hdr19 hdt
hda51 hdc41 hde31 hdg21 hdi11 hdj6 hdl5 hdn4 hdp3 hdr2 hdt1
hda52 hdc42 hde32 hdg22 hdi12 hdj60 hdl50 hdn40 hdp30 hdr20 hdt10
hda53 hdc43 hde33 hdg23 hdi13 hdj61 hdl51 hdn41 hdp31 hdr21 hdt11
hda54 hdc44 hde34 hdg24 hdi14 hdj62 hdl52 hdn42 hdp32 hdr22 hdt12
hda55 hdc45 hde35 hdg25 hdi15 hdj63 hdl53 hdn43 hdp33 hdr23 hdt13
hda56 hdc46 hde36 hdg26 hdi16 hdj7 hdl54 hdn44 hdp34 hdr24 hdt14
hda57 hdc47 hde37 hdg27 hdi17 hdj8 hdl55 hdn45 hdp35 hdr25 hdt15
hda58 hdc48 hde38 hdg28 hdi18 hdj9 hdl56 hdn46 hdp36 hdr26 hdt16
hda59 hdc49 hde39 hdg29 hdi19 hdk hdl57 hdn47 hdp37 hdr27 hdt17
hda6 hdc5 hde4 hdg3 hdi2 hdk1 hdl58 hdn48 hdp38 hdr28 hdt18
hda60 hdc50 hde40 hdg30 hdi20 hdk10 hdl59 hdn49 hdp39 hdr29 hdt19
hda61 hdc51 hde41 hdg31 hdi21 hdk11 hdl6 hdn5 hdp4 hdr3 hdt2
hda62 hdc52 hde42 hdg32 hdi22 hdk12 hdl60 hdn50 hdp40 hdr30 hdt20
hda63 hdc53 hde43 hdg33 hdi23 hdk13 hdl61 hdn51 hdp41 hdr31 hdt21
hda7 hdc54 hde44 hdg34 hdi24 hdk14 hdl62 hdn52 hdp42 hdr32 hdt22
hda8 hdc55 hde45 hdg35 hdi25 hdk15 hdl63 hdn53 hdp43 hdr33 hdt23
hda9 hdc56 hde46 hdg36 hdi26 hdk16 hdl7 hdn54 hdp44 hdr34 hdt24
hdb hdc57 hde47 hdg37 hdi27 hdk17 hdl8 hdn55 hdp45 hdr35 hdt25
hdb1 hdc58 hde48 hdg38 hdi28 hdk18 hdl9 hdn56 hdp46 hdr36 hdt26
hdb10 hdc59 hde49 hdg39 hdi29 hdk19 hdm hdn57 hdp47 hdr37 hdt27
hdb11 hdc6 hde5 hdg4 hdi3 hdk2 hdm1 hdn58 hdp48 hdr38 hdt28
hdb12 hdc60 hde50 hdg40 hdi30 hdk20 hdm10 hdn59 hdp49 hdr39 hdt29
hdb13 hdc61 hde51 hdg41 hdi31 hdk21 hdm11 hdn6 hdp5 hdr4 hdt3
hdb14 hdc62 hde52 hdg42 hdi32 hdk22 hdm12 hdn60 hdp50 hdr40 hdt30
hdb15 hdc63 hde53 hdg43 hdi33 hdk23 hdm13 hdn61 hdp51 hdr41 hdt31
hdb16 hdc7 hde54 hdg44 hdi34 hdk24 hdm14 hdn62 hdp52 hdr42 hdt32
hdb17 hdc8 hde55 hdg45 hdi35 hdk25 hdm15 hdn63 hdp53 hdr43 hdt33
hdb18 hdc9 hde56 hdg46 hdi36 hdk26 hdm16 hdn7 hdp54 hdr44 hdt34
hdb19 hdd hde57 hdg47 hdi37 hdk27 hdm17 hdn8 hdp55 hdr45 hdt35
hdb2 hdd1 hde58 hdg48 hdi38 hdk28 hdm18 hdn9 hdp56 hdr46 hdt36
hdb20 hdd10 hde59 hdg49 hdi39 hdk29 hdm19 hdo hdp57 hdr47 hdt37
hdb21 hdd11 hde6 hdg5 hdi4 hdk3 hdm2 hdo1 hdp58 hdr48 hdt38
hdb22 hdd12 hde60 hdg50 hdi40 hdk30 hdm20 hdo10 hdp59 hdr49 hdt39
hdb23 hdd13 hde61 hdg51 hdi41 hdk31 hdm21 hdo11 hdp6 hdr5 hdt4
hdb24 hdd14 hde62 hdg52 hdi42 hdk32 hdm22 hdo12 hdp60 hdr50 hdt40
hdb25 hdd15 hde63 hdg53 hdi43 hdk33 hdm23 hdo13 hdp61 hdr51 hdt41
hdb26 hdd16 hde7 hdg54 hdi44 hdk34 hdm24 hdo14 hdp62 hdr52 hdt42
hdb27 hdd17 hde8 hdg55 hdi45 hdk35 hdm25 hdo15 hdp63 hdr53 hdt43
hdb28 hdd18 hde9 hdg56 hdi46 hdk36 hdm26 hdo16 hdp7 hdr54 hdt44
hdb29 hdd19 hdf hdg57 hdi47 hdk37 hdm27 hdo17 hdp8 hdr55 hdt45
hdb3 hdd2 hdf1 hdg58 hdi48 hdk38 hdm28 hdo18 hdp9 hdr56 hdt46
hdb30 hdd20 hdf10 hdg59 hdi49 hdk39 hdm29 hdo19 hdq hdr57 hdt47
hdb31 hdd21 hdf11 hdg6 hdi5 hdk4 hdm3 hdo2 hdq1 hdr58 hdt48
hdb32 hdd22 hdf12 hdg60 hdi50 hdk40 hdm30 hdo20 hdq10 hdr59 hdt49
hdb33 hdd23 hdf13 hdg61 hdi51 hdk41 hdm31 hdo21 hdq11 hdr6 hdt5
hdb34 hdd24 hdf14 hdg62 hdi52 hdk42 hdm32 hdo22 hdq12 hdr60 hdt50
hdb35 hdd25 hdf15 hdg63 hdi53 hdk43 hdm33 hdo23 hdq13 hdr61 hdt51
hdb36 hdd26 hdf16 hdg7 hdi54 hdk44 hdm34 hdo24 hdq14 hdr62 hdt52
hdb37 hdd27 hdf17 hdg8 hdi55 hdk45 hdm35 hdo25 hdq15 hdr63 hdt53
hdb38 hdd28 hdf18 hdg9 hdi56 hdk46 hdm36 hdo26 hdq16 hdr7 hdt54
hdb39 hdd29 hdf19 hdh hdi57 hdk47 hdm37 hdo27 hdq17 hdr8 hdt55
hdb4 hdd3 hdf2 hdh1 hdi58 hdk48 hdm38 hdo28 hdq18 hdr9 hdt56
hdb40 hdd30 hdf20 hdh10 hdi59 hdk49 hdm39 hdo29 hdq19 hds hdt57
hdb41 hdd31 hdf21 hdh11 hdi6 hdk5 hdm4 hdo3 hdq2 hds1 hdt58
hdb42 hdd32 hdf22 hdh12 hdi60 hdk50 hdm40 hdo30 hdq20 hds10 hdt59
hdb43 hdd33 hdf23 hdh13 hdi61 hdk51 hdm41 hdo31 hdq21 hds11 hdt6
hdb44 hdd34 hdf24 hdh14 hdi62 hdk52 hdm42 hdo32 hdq22 hds12 hdt60
hdb45 hdd35 hdf25 hdh15 hdi63 hdk53 hdm43 hdo33 hdq23 hds13 hdt61
hdb46 hdd36 hdf26 hdh16 hdi7 hdk54 hdm44 hdo34 hdq24 hds14 hdt62
hdb47 hdd37 hdf27 hdh17 hdi8 hdk55 hdm45 hdo35 hdq25 hds15 hdt63
hdb48 hdd38 hdf28 hdh18 hdi9 hdk56 hdm46 hdo36 hdq26 hds16 hdt7
hdb49 hdd39 hdf29 hdh19 hdj hdk57 hdm47 hdo37 hdq27 hds17 hdt8
hdb5 hdd4 hdf3 hdh2 hdj1 hdk58 hdm48 hdo38 hdq28 hds18 hdt9
hdb50 hdd40 hdf30 hdh20 hdj10 hdk59 hdm49 hdo39 hdq29 hds19
hdb51 hdd41 hdf31 hdh21 hdj11 hdk6 hdm5 hdo4 hdq3 hds2
hdb52 hdd42 hdf32 hdh22 hdj12 hdk60 hdm50 hdo40 hdq30 hds20
hdb53 hdd43 hdf33 hdh23 hdj13 hdk61 hdm51 hdo41 hdq31 hds21
hdb54 hdd44 hdf34 hdh24 hdj14 hdk62 hdm52 hdo42 hdq32 hds22
hdb55 hdd45 hdf35 hdh25 hdj15 hdk63 hdm53 hdo43 hdq33 hds23
hdb56 hdd46 hdf36 hdh26 hdj16 hdk7 hdm54 hdo44 hdq34 hds24

how do I know which one is my second hard drive?

ranger_nemo 08-23-2004 09:44 PM

Those listed in /dev are just the possible partitions, not the actual.

The first master is hda. The first slave is hdb. The second master is hdc. The second slave is hdd.

That being said, you can "fdisk -l /dev/hdb" to see what partitions are on hdb. Or, use hdc or hdd if that's where your second drive is attached to the motherboard.

rjlee 08-24-2004 04:30 AM

You won't be able to mount the hard-disk directly. You want to mount the right partition on the hard disk instead.

If you only have one partition (an “unpartitioned” disk), or Windows is installed on the first partition, then you can use /dev/hda1 (or hdb1, hdc1 etc.) to select the partition to mount.

To mount a Windows partition, you will want to use one of the following filesystems:

vfat (FAT16, FAT32)
ntfs (NTFS, as used on Windows NT)

There's also a filesystem that adds Linux device information to a FAT filesystem (keeping it in a seperate file), but I forget the name of it off hand.

motaguense 09-15-2004 04:49 PM

I got it mounted
thanks guys

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