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cgtueno 01-04-2010 08:57 PM

WiFi USB Key Netcomm np545 -Linux Install -Advice required

I'm interested to learn if anyone has some experience in getting a Netcomm np545-USB type wireless adapter to work under Linux.

A this stage I'm open to suggestions about what Distro to use (My target platforms are low end PIII class desktops with low RAM).

I simply want to establish a connection over a wireless link using these adapters (because I have a number of them). I'm not interested in using other hardware for this exercise.

I'm interested in advice from people who have actually got these adapters to work under Linux. Theoretical suggestions are of no use to me.



Billiam 01-05-2010 02:41 AM

Hi cgtueno,

I am an oldie in years, and new to linux.

Although you are not looking for theoretical suggestions, the following may be of interest

I have found that there appears to be a bit of a hole regarding the drivers for many wireless adaptors when using Linux. However I have persevered and eventually managed to get the ones I have to work. In particular, I have had issues trying to get a netgear 802.11n USB wireless adapter to work with linux distros such as the Ubuntu 9.10, and Fedora etc. However, when I used MINT 8 live CD, it did work.

Best of luck


cgtueno 01-06-2010 03:26 AM

Hi Billiam

Thanks for the info.
If you are having difficulties with your wireless network adapters I suggest that you look at ndiswrapper, and madwifi (you can locate these sites using Google). Also consult your Linux distro sites for information, updates, and advice.

As I have stated in my problem description I am seeking advice from someone who has actually physically installed, configured, and made operational a Netcomm np545 under Linux. I have researched this problem thoroughly, hence why I am seeking real solid practical advice.

Theoretical advice is of no use to me in relation to this posted problem.

With thanks


cgtueno 01-11-2010 07:51 AM


I've installed the np545 into a test machine onto which I have unstalled Ubuntu 8.10
lsusb reports the device as "Ralink Technology Corp RT2501 USB Wireless adapter.

I have managed to establish a link between a nb504 router and the np545.
But only once successfully.

Following a system reboot I was unable to establish a connection to the router.

Interestingly at the time I was able to establish a connection, I could see all teh machines connected on the local ports, but was unable to access my local DNS (firewall/packet router) which was also connected and was accessible to the other machines connected on the same network.

Hmmm. Now I'm wondering whether Ubuntu 8.10 has native support for the np545. I guess one of my questions (now that I have gotten it to work once) is whether Ubuntu fully supports the np545's chipset ?



cgtueno 01-12-2010 07:51 AM


2010/01/12 Aust Working ok
Ubuntu 8.10 + np545 + nb504
np454 reported by lsusb as "Ralink Technology Corp RT2501 USB Wireless adapter"
Several system cold boots were required following cahnges to networking parameters, etc
Able to establish a conenction and use all services
Disappointing range though - environmental factors may have affected the testing in this case, I shall experiments further.

So it works out of the box with Ubuntu 8.10

I'm interested to learn if anyone has had success with other distros.
Particularly low resource distros.



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