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algogeek 05-08-2008 07:39 AM

Wifi and networking - wierd behavior on Fedora 8
I've finally got Fedora 8 up and running smoothly on my laptop with an AMD Turion 2.2 and Broadcom 43xx w/l. But there seem to be serious issues.

I had tried this once, and I was a little surprised too. I once happened to leave my internet router unplugged from the phone line but switched on. This got the router's DHCP et all running but it didn't connect to the internet. I started up Fedora, and found the bootup process to hang! It got really slow once I saw the step 'Activating Device eth0... Determining ip information for the device eth0 [OK]'. The system almost hung and it was impossible to log in. I even got the message that my default gnome desktop didn't exist and it started the failsafe gnome terminal.

I switched off my router and rebooted. This time, the device eth0 couldn't be activated since it was disconnected and all was fine.

Next, I came to my parent's place which happens to be wifi. I came and got connected to the wireless network without problems - but faced an issue, the host name lookups kept on getting slower and finally started failing - browsing became a pain. Rebooted and faced almost the same 'router on but no link' problem - this time the system managed to book ok but once logged in (not the failsafe terminal though), the things got really messy. Starting all applications started taking time - even the terminal. Firefox started loading in 2 minutes, and so on. The name lookups started failing soon after bootup. :-(

I tried all alternatives in system-config-network but it didn't work out. I even tried setting the DNS servers manually but it didn't help either. Though I did notice one thing - connection b/w me and my router seemed ok at all times, that is, I could access the router's configuration page and ping the router at all times.

Has anyone faced this issue as well? If yes, what could be the cause? If not, any ideas?

Okie 05-09-2008 07:26 AM

i am not sure what wifi adapter you have but i have a WMP54G PCI wifi card and it is listed as wlan0 (not eth0) and since i am behind a wifi router i set up my IP address, netmask, defualt gateway, broadcast and Domanname Server as static (not using DHCP) and let the router negotiate DHCP to the ISP, it sure smooths out the connection and improves speed & efficiency...

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