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evannextel 04-19-2005 02:59 PM

This question might be better left to the security or networking forum, but its mainly about hardware so I'll put it here. I want ot get a WIFI card for my laptop. I have a linksys wpc11 but it is only 802.11b and doesnt have external jacks.
I am wondering what the best PCMCIA card is for the following task:
1) has to work with linux, obvious but might as well point it out
2) has to be able to go into monitor mode and possibly primiscous mode
2a) thus it should probably be a prism based card
3) I want to be able to hook up an external anteana to it
4)If possible id like 802.11g
Currently running Fedora Core 3, which is a pain cause i have to run dhclient every time. I use KNOPPIX and Auditor alot now though.

phillips321 04-19-2005 03:43 PM

orinoco gol would be fine, not sure if it can go into monitor mode or possibly primiscous mode, you will have to google it

evannextel 11-25-2005 11:47 AM

Any idea's on the same requirements I listed but in 802.11g?

bignewf 11-25-2005 05:05 PM

after spending many hours trying to get wireless adapters to work on the fedora distros,
I have been very successful with the cisco aironet PCM352 PCMCIA card in fedora 3 and fedora 4 distros. I found that the 2.6 kernel has built in support for this card, automatically loading the airo_cs driver. This card is plug and play with many laptop models. When you begin installing the os, the green and red led's will flicker, and that is the sign that the card will work.
You can then configure the card with static ip or dhcp using network device control. Also, KWIFI manage under gnome will let you configure various types of encryption.
I use linksys wireless accesspoints and use WEP encryption for this card. I then use is another linux box running squid to create an ssh proxy tunnel from the laptop to the squid server as WEP
is not the most secure way to secure a wireless card. But it works without any hassle. Cisco st
opped making this card a few months ago but it is easily available from any used cisco reseller.
You can still buy the card new, also.

Good luck

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