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snabgi 07-29-2004 04:39 AM

Why SB Live! 5.1 digital work only half?
Hi all,

I need a bit of help in setting the SB Live! 5.1 digital sound card. I am using SuSe 9.0 on an old Compaq machine with P2. As soon as I plugged the sound card in Yast detected correctly and informed me that it will use the driver EMU10K1 (provided by the distribution). However, in the testing stage no sound was generated. Btw, I am using Creative I-trigue 2.1 3300 loudspeakers (2+1). I played a little with ALSAmixer with the result That I have pretty lousy sound only in 1 speaker and the subwafer. At this stage I very much run out of ideas.

Help, please?

320mb 07-29-2004 11:48 AM

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