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cisengineer 06-02-2005 05:16 PM

Why does my machine run so hot when idle?
I don't have any specific temperature range for this question, just a general thing I noticed. I have a P4 3.2GHz 800MHz homemade monster with a gig of ram. It will dual boot Windows, and Linux Fedora Core 3. When idle with windows, the stock p4 fan gets slower(quieter), indicating that the CPU is running cool. When running Linux though the thing is screaming at full speed regardless of what I am doing (in Windows at least, this indicates that I am taxing the processor). Is it really hot, or does the fan just not know how to adjust it's speed with the CPU temperature? Thanks in advance.

marghorp 06-02-2005 05:50 PM

Probably the other thing. The processor does not know it doesn't need to keep the fan at high speed, but it does so anyway...

naimslim89 06-03-2005 07:27 AM

It happens with me sometimes -- you might want to try running "top" in a terminal to see if something's hogging the CPU, as it often does in my case. In my GNOME desktop, I have an applet which measures my CPU, and I find that after I've left the computer on for a while, the CPU usage is at 100%, but as soon as i stop Xscreensaver by unlocking it, the CPU returns to 0% again ...

J.W. 06-03-2005 10:24 AM

Do you have gkrellm installed? If not, I'd recommend it. It's an excellent, overall system monitor that displays many of the most important system values, including temperature. Obviously, if you do have an overheating problem this will not solve it, however, gkrellm will enable to you to easily determine what your temp is. (BTW the normal range typically will be in the high 30's or low 40's Celsius, if you see sustained periods where it's in the 50's or higher, it's running too hot) Good luck with it -- J.W.

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