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fallenangelseth 07-23-2004 02:53 AM

what are the coolest hardware u have for linux
Just wanted to ask wat harware you have been able to get compatible with linux
Imagine Mac hardware for linux

jailbait 07-23-2004 05:37 PM

"Imagine Mac hardware for linux"

Linux works on Mac. You can buy Macs with Linux preinstalled here:

Steve Stites

mritch 07-23-2004 07:11 PM

:-) funny question.
have a look at the hardware-howto at (it's little bit outdated by now). one philosophy of linux is to get get it running on nearly everthing.
;-) even a mixer - somtime?!

i'm currently trying to get it running on an old psx.

sl mritch.

LavaDevil94 07-23-2004 09:45 PM

I have an old 486SX 33Mhz 4MB of RAM laptop that I have Linux on. It is very useful for developing C apps and (someday) playing Doom :D.

2damncommon 07-23-2004 10:12 PM

The coolest hardware I am using with Linux is 4 VT420 terminals, connected through an 8 port Digiboard, and a line printer connected to a Pentium box running Debian.

Wait a minute. That's actually the geekiest. Oops.
Anyway, it was interesting getting everything to work.

kLUMSY bOT 07-23-2004 10:52 PM

I'd recommend an AMD and an nvidia card.

LavaDevil94 07-23-2004 11:46 PM

Dunno about that, Linux is easy to run on an AMD processor and an nVidia card, not so easy to get working on a GameCube:

wilsonsamm 04-29-2006 05:33 AM

The coolest piece of hardware I got Linux running on (or the only piece of hardware I got linux running on) is a Pentium3, 598 MHz, 128Mb RAM... umpteen harddrives. Plus, a Digital VT 220 terminal on the local serial line.

wini_g 06-27-2006 09:04 PM

Having my gorgeous Wacom tablet running with pressure sensitivity :)

cereal83 06-27-2006 10:09 PM

The coolest place I got slack running on was a x460 IMB Xseries 16-CPU with 48 GB of ram server with a 4 TB San. Soon I will have to get it working on a 32 cpu server but that is easy

saini_mw 06-28-2006 03:14 AM

Here, everyone is suggesting his own hardware, but i think without knowing the requirements nobody can say that which hardware is good for linux, i will request the person posting this post to let us know about his requirements, what he actually want to run on linux,i means he needs to setup like Mail Server,Database Server,Web Server or what?? and how many users will be there,if he is setting up a web server then how many hits can come at one time,
then only we will be able to give any kind of help.

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