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Mack_T 08-30-2004 01:06 PM

Water cooling?
I've got a problem, only from time to time. The ambient temp in my computer room sometimes goes above 90F. My server in there is running 24/7, so it needs to be kept cool somehow. I can't have an A/C, so that is out of the question. I've got fans on thermostats to help bring air into the room, but when the temps are that high it's too much. I've been considering water cooling the machine to help keep it cool. Will water cooling work well with those ambient temps? I was looking at a setup with a radiator that spans the width of 2 case fans. I was actually considering 2 of those radiators, since the machine is a dual processor.


BajaNick 08-30-2004 06:03 PM

Yup, check out this link for more info.
and this one,

J.W. 08-30-2004 06:49 PM

You don't indicate whether or not this server is your own personal PC running out of your house, or a company server at your office. I'll assume it is the former, but if it's the latter, wow -- you need to tell your boss that you either need to have A/C installed pronto, or relocate those machines to a room that does have A/C. Ninety degrees isn't healthy for computers, and the costs of having A/C are minimal compared to the costs if your company's system overheated, crashed, and went offline. Obviously the risk of physical damage to overheated machines also exists, with the possibility that you would need to buy new equipment, reinstall Linux, and restore your data. Meanwhile your 24/7 operation would be out of commission until it could be restored. Not to overreact but this does not sound like a good situation. -- J.W.

Mack_T 08-30-2004 06:59 PM

Thank you for the answers. The machine is at my home- I don't have a job working with this (yet), but I'm working towards getting Red Hat Certified. It is mostly important for me to have that machine up 24-7, it is running a public forum. It's not a machine that I use personally; I do have my own machine on the network and now (using DistCC) I am using the processing power from that machine to do some work for me. It is also a huge fileserver for my small network. It's also used for my schooling :D

Thanks again,

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