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tarheel92x 01-18-2008 05:44 PM

Wacom Graphire4 and Fedora 8
I upgraded to Fedora 8 and my Wacom Graphire tablet's mouse will not move the cursor. The stylus works, the scroll buttons on the tablet work and scroll, right and left click on the mouse work but the mouse cannot control the cursor.

The output from wdaemon -w shows both the Wacom Graphire2 and 4 4x5. The /sbin/lsusb command shows:

Bus 003 Device 006: ID 056a:0015 Wacom Co., Ltd.

When I ls -al /dev/input/wacom* I get:

/dev/input/wacom --> event3

/dev/input/wacom-tablets/graphire4-4x5 --> ../event3
/dev/input/wacom-tablets/graphire4-4x5-3-2 --> ../event3

My xorg.conf file does not specify anything but I feel like I only need to specify a mouse but not sure what needs to go in the xorg.conf file.

I cannot seem to get the right combination set in the xorg.conf file. Various links I have found via Google have not helped

Any thoughts:scratch:

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