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teddymills 11-28-2005 12:51 PM

vt: kernel panic during shutdown from atkbd.c -Wireless keyboard-mouse
I have a Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse that I used to use on a 2 port KVM switch with Redhat Linux RHEL4 and a Windows box.

I would get these console errors messages from ATKBD.C once every few minutes, when I switched backed and forth using the KVM.

That worked for a few weeks, but I did not change anything I thought.

Then I started to get these scary kernel panics from vt: (I assume is the virtual terminal) ONLY WHEN I typed in "reboot" and the server would start to stop all processes. It would hang with a scary looking vt: kernic panic error during the shutdown phase. I had to power off the server manually.

This was not at all good. It messes up my entire filesystem, and I had to press "Y" do a fsck check upon rebooting, and praying nothing would go wrong.

Thus I disconnected the KVM switch and Wireless Keyboard and mouse and just connected a simple PS/2 keyboard and mouse. Voila! No more problems.

I have learned from this to not ignore Console messages!
They are a warning that something is not quite right :)

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