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jc_dirtdog 11-04-2005 11:22 AM

Voodoo 3 Banshee in Alphaserver
Hello. I finally got me a Voodoo 3 Banshee PCI video card for my DEC Alphaserver 1000A 5/400. Now, I put the card in, and the system will not boot up. I know that this is a working card, I put it in a dell that I have and it worked fine... What is the problem??? I also have an ELSA Gloria Synergy PCI graphics card, but it has no 3D support under linux, at least on the alphaserver anyway. I am using the ELSA card for now so I can use the alpha, but I REALLY need the Voodoo card working so I will have 3D support. I have both cards in my alpha right now, but I can only use the ELSA, it will not boot with just the Voodoo card in. It powers up, and then it beeps, one long beep followed by three short beeps. I was told that this card would work great in this alpha, so why is it not???



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