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l42emmings 04-09-2004 01:53 PM

Voodoo 2 under slackware
Hi - I'm new to linux, having just installed college linux (which is based almost completely on slackware) a couple of weeks ago, and am enjoying using it a great deal already .. the only time I managed to crash it was when using a virtual machine emulator! Anyway, the one thing that's been driving me nuts is trying to get my old Voodoo 2 card to work in any capacity. I've tried searching all over, but the only official drivers seem to be only available for red hat, and although I found a package that would install correctly on a Latvian site, the demo programs compain they can't find the card, which is weird because it shows up fine in the PCI listings in KDE. I hope someone out there can give me some pointers! Thanks, Jon :)

Aussie 04-09-2004 06:57 PM

If College Linux is using XFree86-4.x.x then that may be your problem, see if there are XFree86-3.x.x packages that you can use.

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