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visjes 11-14-2003 06:53 PM

VMWare & Wacom Tablet
Need to use a wacom tablet in VMWare. Wasn't sure if this belonged in hardware or software, but since I think the problem is the tablet (or rather the initialisation of drivers for it), so I put it in hardware.


Host OS- Mandrake Linux 9.2
Guest OS- Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
VMWare- Version 4.0.5

Linux seems to auto-install the tablet as a mouse device, but I have no use for it in Linux. I can stop it from use in X by setting my mouse device to /dev/input/mouse0 instead of /dev/usbmouse, but I think it should not even be recognise as a mouse. I would just like to connect it to VMWare and leave it at that, so I can install the wacom drivers in VMware, and have pressure sensitivity and all that fun stuff.

I read somewhere about DreamWorks using Photoshop in VMWare while using Maya in Linux (which is the setup I'm aiming for) and being able to use the wacom tablet in it, by 'turning it off' before loading vmware. I have tried lots of things, even removing the wacom driver altogether from linux, disabling all sorts of hotplug entries, removing the modules (evdev and wacom) and other like measures.

Any help much appreciated. I wants to do mah art! :D


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