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rahulkya 06-23-2010 04:01 AM

Video RAM as System RAM
I have nvidia 9600m GT 1gb graphics card with 1 gb of RAM ...usually the graphics ram is not used so much unless we play some game or other graphical work..

So, I want to add the Video RAM to System RAM . Is any way??
I am will be happy if I can use 256 of Video RAM as Normal RAM.
Currently using LINUX Mint 9.

thanks in advance
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syg00 06-23-2010 05:17 AM

No. You might be able to use it as swap if needed. This comes up every couple of years - google will help.
Apparently can make an awful mess of X ... no real surprise.

jefro 06-23-2010 03:02 PM

Actually you could use video ram. All ram can be accessed. We used to use debug and other programs to steal area. You can only steal area that you either know is not going to be used. Otherwise you need to limit the video cards settings to limit it's use.

I doubt it would be worth your time to get it to work by yourself. Many people right now are working on using the GPU's as computational area. We may see a systems based on GPU's in the near future but who know.

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