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killerforce 06-01-2007 06:31 AM

Using Clonezilla linux partition image to windows ssh server
Hi friends.

I'm using clonezilla live to take a backup of my linux system. I want to keep the image in a remote system in the network using ssh.I'm able to successfully put the image to a remote linux system in the network and also restore the image to a new system which works fine.I have tested some of the open source cloning softwares and found clonezilla to be the fastest.
The problem is

Now one of our clients has only one linux system in his network which is a VoIP server.Since there is only one linux system in the network, I need to prepare a windows system as ssh server and transfer the image of the linux system to the windows system using clonezilla. I have already configured the windows system as ssh server and it's accessible from the linux system. Can anyone please help me to put the system clone image in the windows ssh server using clonezilla .
Waiting for your replies.

kav 06-01-2007 09:17 AM

Hm, the answer seems so simple that I'm almost afraid I misunderstood your question, but here goes...

If you just need to make the image accessible from the windows ssh server couldn't you just scp it there from the computer it's on?

So boot clonezilla on the target computer and tell clonezilla you want to save it to a remote computer using ssh. Or you could save it locally and go to a command line to scp it there manually.

I've used clonezilla before and thought it was pretty generous with the information in it's menu system. Is this question as simple as you make it sound or am I misunderstanding? :scratch:

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