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mvendramini 04-20-2003 08:51 AM

Using a primary/secondary HD slave
How do I set up a primary/secondary slave on Linux?

I want to attach another HD (using Win98 FAT32) to my machine. I know where to plug the wires :D but I have no idea on how to work it out to see the stuff inside the disk.


david_ross 04-20-2003 09:21 AM

The disk will be hdb so you need to mount the partition you want eg /dev/hdb1

You do this with a mount command:
"mkdir /mnt/win98" (only do this once)
mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/win98

This will mount it as /mnt/win98 (you can call it what you want.)

If you want to mount it automatically at boot then it is best to put it in the /etc/fstab file.

mvendramini 04-20-2003 09:40 AM

Ah, ok... I forgot to mention.... :rolleyes:

I've tried this before, using -t vfat and so, but all I got was a bunch of bytes on my terminal screen. Should I browse it throught Nautilus or something?

david_ross 04-20-2003 09:42 AM

If it is a fat32 drive then you will need to use the -t vfat option when mounting.
mount -t vfat /dev/hdb1 /mnt/win98

Try it and post any errors you get.

mvendramini 04-20-2003 11:45 AM

I've done it. Thanks for the reply! :)

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