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daveschile 12-27-2006 01:14 PM

usbkbd and usbhid modules
I'm having a tricky keyboard problem.
I have multiheaded xinerama machine that runs on monitors in two different rooms. Each station has a usb keyboard. One of the keyboards uses and loads the usbhid module jsut fine. The other (a ir wireless keyboard) Won't do anything with the usbhid module, but when I force it to load the usbkbd module it works, albeit a bit buggy. Can anyone think of how I can recompile the usbhid module to work with the offending keyboard? Also, what is the best way to load those two modules (usbkbd and usbhid) to be used by the correct keyboards. I cant figure out what startup script or what loads the modules to their devices.
When this machine boots, It loads usbhid for both keyboards. To get the wireless one to work, I have to modprobe usbkbd and usbmouse, then replug the other keyboard. That usually gets the wireless one to use usbkbd while the other uses usbhid. How can I make this happen at startup? Of course, I'd rather have both keyboards use usbhid, if that's possible.
I hope that was understandable.
I'm using kernel 2.6.17 and Debian etch.

Thank you very much!

jschiwal 12-28-2006 06:28 AM

Is this a multiseat configuration? This article may help:

They put together a 5 seat system.

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