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wangberg 03-24-2007 12:50 PM

usb wireless crash system
2 related questions in one post...

using FC6...

Whenever i add a USB wireless card to the running system (i've tried two different cards), the system crashes. I get no response from the keyboard or mouse. the screen freezes. I need to do a manual reset in order to correct the crash. i can add/remove other USB devices without problems.

how can i fix this?

any help much appreciated!

i don't know how to initialize ndiswrapper. I constantly have to do


$modprobe -r ndiswrapper
$modprobe ndiswrapper

adding the module doesn't work until i unplug all my other USB devices (except mouse), then replug USB wireless card (this leads to a crash ** see above), restart the machine, then try the above code again.

The device is VERY picky as to which USB port i plug it in to, and if anything else is plugged in while trying to add the module it simply won't load. When it fails to load the system will crash every time (no responsiveness whatsoever -- need manual restart).

It seems every time i want to connect to wireless internet, it takes close to 5 system restarts before the kernel accepts the ndiswrapper module.

ANY help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!! PLEASE!

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