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ikmalf 02-25-2012 03:08 AM

USB (Video) over Ethernet / IP

Currently, I am planning to do a project which involve capturing multiple video streams from RCA-based sources.

Based on a few Google searches, I found out that a USB capture/grabber device (such as Hauppauge USB Live 2) attached to can be used for this tasks. e.g to capture the video stream, it is as simple as doing 'cat /dev/video0 > file.mpg' or equivalent.

Assuming this setup works (videoDevice->usbVideo CaptureCard->PC) , I would need to capture multiple video streams at any single time. In the project, I would need to capture at least 30 streams in any single time. My question would be the following :

1) Besides USB Live 2, what are other available options that I can use / you guys have used successfully? The requirement would be to capture from RCA-based sources, capture both video+audio, stable enough to run 24x7, supports Linux and able to capture raw/mpeg video using simple/a few liner of Linux command (e.g cat) as I need to do additional processing to this video files using shell.

Tried to look into EasyCap but too many fake ones out there.

2) Has anybody try connecting to a remote USB device thru local LAN or sometime it is known as USB over IP / Ethernet, successfully? The reason is, I might need to put all these USB devices remotely from the PC/Server + Data Storage (which stores the video streams). For example, the USB video capture devices might be located next to video devices, e.g camcorder, camera, etc, in a studio/room which are located 50-100 metres from the PC/Server.

More questions to come, but only once I have some possible solution/answer for question no . Any opinions and suggestions are welcome. :-)


michaelk 02-25-2012 02:56 PM

A usb/ethernet server may or may not work with a video capture devices. Most only support printers or hard drives. The specs state the device is compatible with USB 1.1 so it must compress the video. Depending on the compression ratio 30 cameras might exceed the bandwidth of a single 100Base-T ethernet bus.

I've used CAT5 adapters to extend composite video, VGA and USB devices with reasonable success but have not tried with video capture.

Not sure that USB is the best choice so I also did a quick search for PCI video cards. Here is a 16 channel card but it only does 8 channel audio.
or which does 16 channels of audio and video.

I have no idea on how well either card works.

ikmalf 02-29-2012 04:58 AM


Thanks for the input especially the PCI cards!
Appreciate it very much :-)

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