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=dn 01-16-2006 08:44 AM

USB/removable memory
Am learning to use SuSE 10.0.

PC has been equipped with a USB (desktop) hub into which I plug a USB stick (apparently originally formatted for and used on my Windows m/c ?FAT format, and a v.handy means of not just carrying data by sneakerNet but also trans-OpSys/gender!) and a 'card reader' into which I slot the Memory Stick from a Sony digicam.

If the device(s) are plugged-in prior to booting Linux, everything is rosy and there is a (Gnome) desktop icon for the device, it appears in Computer | filesystem happily, and I can access the data easily.

However if I remove and later re-insert a stick, or boot the system and only afterwards insert such memory, there is no automatic 'registration' of the device. Under these circumstances I have to use Computer | filesystem | media to access the data. (so the device is apparently recognised/properly inserted, etc)

NB I thought that I could right-click on a file list and mount/unmount to take care of such things, but apparently not...

Is there a selector somewhere for a USB equivalent of plug 'n play, or is there a script/button I can push after physically loading such devices in order to manually connect? Alternatively am I going about things the wrong way around?

Please advise,

PS will be v.happy if you tell me the keywords I'm casting about for and point me at specific SuSE onboard manual or web Kbase pages...

marozsas 01-16-2006 09:40 AM

I don't know about Gnome, but using KDE, as soon you insert the usb stick in the system, konqueror (the multi-protocol browser) popups in your screen showing the usb disk contents. The same for CD's and other medias.

May be KDE is a step ahead or I am just a newbie in this matter :-) Try a Gnome specific forum....

bandersnatchy 01-17-2006 11:22 PM


There is a thread in the SUSE forum that might contain some tips for you:

All card readers are not created equal. Perhaps you have a friend with another one you could experiment with. Or, if you have more money than patience, you could go through the Newegg reviews to find one that works reliably with Linux, such as the Sabrient SBT-ICR42B. Look at LQ's HCL, but read carefully because the ratings are subjective (one reviewer gives a unit a "10" rating, and then states: "you will probably have to recompile the kernel").

I have a flash pen that 18 months back most distros could not mount, but now it is no problem. So, you can be certain that if you buy a new reader, the old one will work fine on the next release!

Seriously, USB device handling is not bulletproof. Experience with multiple devices on multiple PCs with multiple distros (Gnome and KDE) will convince you that USB handling could use some polish.

If you don't get some forum help, try another card reader.

Good Luck!

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