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Ipolit 10-14-2005 01:30 AM

usb port mobile phone
I have an old computer with motherboard via vt82c598mvp.
the MB has a socket for USB port and i bought one.
Now my camera works with it, but unfortunatelly my mobile phone is not detected when I plug it into the USB port. I load the needed drivers - pl2303 and cdc-acm, but no result.
On my other computer when I plug the phone its screen is turning on, but on this computer there is no life on the phone.
I noticed also that when I plug the camera in the other copmuter, its LED indicator lights, but on this computer this light is missing.
Do u have any ideas what could be the problem and do u thing that it's possible some of the legs of the connector to be with changed places
I need the phone to use its modem

mgmax 10-14-2005 08:08 AM


Coud you please post all infos you can get, see Before you post: What to include in a Hardware question. . Try to feed them into google, too, thats what most people here do.

Without them we can only guess.



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