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r_jensen11 07-21-2004 11:29 PM

USB Pen drive & camera - Auto sort?
This is an old question, yet I fail to find the answer through the searches. You all know how when you come from a reboot, whichever order you plug your USB devices into, that's how they get ordered (sda, sdb, etc). This is all fine and dandy for people who either:
a) Are hobbyists
b) Only have 1 usb storage device

My family does not qualify for either of the two. They just want things to work, and work the same way. We have many USB key/pen drives, as well as a digital camera. How can I get it so that my digital camera always mounts to /mnt/camera and my usb pen drives always mount to something like /mnt/usb, no matter which order I plug the devices into? I would like to get it so that it wouldn't matter if the camera is sda or sdb, but always goes to the same mountpoint. Anyone care to try to tackle this one for me?

r_jensen11 07-22-2004 11:07 PM


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