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phalcon 02-19-2006 02:33 PM

USB Network Print Server (a la JetDirect)
I'm looking to purchase a new laser printer, probably the Samsung ML-2010. Inexpensive and lists Linux compatibility on the box. That will help.

I would like to use a network print server such as the JetDirect USB Print Server. I'd prefer something cheaper, though. I don't want the print server costing more than the printer itself.

My main question, though, is how well will I be able to manage the Samsung when it is used through the print server? The Samsung has a toner-saver feature and a nice printer manager application. Could I use those if it were hung off of the print server? Any thoughts, warnings, concerns or praise about a specific print server?

The main reason I'd prefer not to use the printer directly on my PC is because I'd prefer to print from multiple PCs without having to have my main PC powered on and I'd prefer to have the printer off away from the main PC.

Thanks for any advice!

ralvez 02-19-2006 03:39 PM

I have an HPJetdirect 170X in my home network. You need to make sure that the Samsung ML-2010 is supported by the Jetdirect. When I got mine I thought that it was just like any print server (at least that is what HP promotes) but ... it is not. My Epson printer (I have 2 of them) was not recognized and therefore nothing worked. I also have n HP DeskJet 870Cxi professional Series and that was taken at once.
As per the features of the printer the JetDirect has nothing to do with it, it is the drivers (in your linux box) that will determine that; as far as you are concerned the JetDirect box provides the route to the printer.

Hope this helps.


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