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Tarwedge 05-18-2004 10:09 AM

USB Modem not working in slackware, but it did last time i booted...
Before starting I should mention I know next to nothing about linux, so most of the complicated stuff is going to go straight over the top of my head. I just decided to give it a shot one day.

When i first installed Slackware it found all my hardware pretty much by itself, the USB modem was working fine with no kind of intervention from me, so i figured all was well. Few weeks later i come back to it and suddenly the modem isnt being recognised. I noticed in the messages on boot that it couldnt obtain a MAC address, so whether this means it found the modem but couldnt make a connection or it just assumes theres supposed to be a modem but cant actually see it i dont know. :scratch:

Any ideas? I use a dual-boot machine so its a little difficult for me to get online, find some guides, reboot back to slackware, etc. etc. so if you could make it as simple as possible for me to understand without having to look up all the terms as i go along it would be a great help. :D

Im also having a slight problem with NTFS access under any user other than root, but thatcan wait until i get the modem working again

Forgot to mention, im using whatever kernel came with the standard installation of slackware 9.1, im not experienced enough to go screwing around with that on a whim just yet so everything is basically identical to the fresh install.

Tarwedge 05-18-2004 11:24 AM

ok, nevermind. its fixed itself somehow. this damn thing has a mind of its own.

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