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b123coder 04-24-2006 04:16 AM

usb library problem
I have rhel4 with libusb-0.1.8 version. i tried to detect my usb webcam by installing kernel driver but rhel4 system not able to detect it at all so i updated it to latest libusb-0.1.12 and gets detected with same kernel driver. I want to know why such happned and why i need to update libusb?? Actually i am able to work with other usb webcam successfully with same old libusb-0.18 version.

reddazz 04-24-2006 11:59 PM

The answer is pretty straight forward isn't it. The older lib lacked something that prevented it from working with your webcam. Obviously the new lib has the missing feature, so it works fine with your webcam.

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