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Terje 07-15-2004 12:34 PM

USB Keydrive Question
Awright. I got my SanDisk CruzerMini and Debian v3.0r2 (kernel 2.4.18) to recognize each other and play nice together. The one thing that bothers me is that the light on the keydrive stays lit no matter what I do -- short of reboot/shutdown, that is. My first question is: "Is it safe to remove the keydrive, even if the light is still on, as long as it is unmounted first?" If it isn't safe, then my second question is: "How do I get the light to go off/make it safe to remove?" Even if it is safe to remove under those conditions I'd still like to know how to get the light to go off, so that I can just be sure I'm not going to fry it.


b0uncer 07-15-2004 01:29 PM

I think I've seen this type of post and answered it..I'd suggest searching these forums first, and then asking if no answer is found first. but anyway, let's shoot...

it is safe to unplug the stick even if the light is lit, as long as you remember to umount it first. this is the same procedure as in windows - at least in the one I used, you had to choose somekind of "eject device" before unplugging, and that's umount in linux. the light stays lit, though, but that's ok.

I'm not sure why windows makes the light go off, and linux doesn't, but it might have something to do with supplying electircity through usb or something...I really don't know. imo the light just means the stick is connected to your computer and is getting current, so it works...non-lit light would mean it doesn't work. I don't know a way to "manually shut it down", but on the other hand...I don't need to :)

so you can safely unplug it, just umount it first to make sure you won't lose any data. if the light disturbs your perfect day, paint it dark ;) hehe..joking. but really, it's ok if it is lit.

jschiwal 07-15-2004 06:14 PM

I also use a Sandisk cruzer mini USB keydrive. The light is lit after unmounting in linux as well as after disconnecting the drive in Windows 98. So as long as you unmount the drive before removing it, you are ok.

Terje 07-15-2004 07:51 PM

The information is very much appreciated!


b0uncer 07-16-2004 10:16 AM

yeah..forgot to mention, my usb-stick is cruzer mini too.. :) but still, as far as I know this is the same with every usb-stick you can get these days, as long as there is led.

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