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netsurf 04-03-2005 10:43 AM

usb keyboard and soundcard conflict (sound set to keyboard?)
just got a fantastic new keyboard and mouse combo set that plugs in via usb would have used a ps2 set but this was the only type avalible at the time it has alot of hot keys while i am not interesting in getting them working i have been faced with a conflict with them.

my problem is this:
since it has been installed the sound mixer and sound in general are sent to the "usb sound device" which must be my keboard as i have nothing else it could be. Even stranger is that i have tried reinstalling the sound card for it the sound is sent to speakers and ment that i may have fixed it but the mixer icon dissapeared from the taskbar i rebooted and checked the loading screen details and it now loads the driver twice and when started STILL send audio to the "usb sound device"

ok most of my system is listed as signature but here is a bit on sound card
it is a soundblaster live! emuk1 i think is the module that it loads.

Any help you can offer i will be very greatful thanks :D

netsurf 04-04-2005 04:05 AM

sometimes the sound works when the machine has been restarted i cant understand it the soundcard is listed in most parts as pci even in the hardware info in yast it says that it is pci i think it may just be the volume control that is confused then again i would also need to be able to check every process that directs sound to devices i dont know how to do this anyone have any ideas on how to check where the errors occor?

netsurf 04-09-2005 07:08 AM

turns out that it is my webcam logitech quickcam pro 4000 causing the issue of all the things :P
all i had to do is keep it unpluged otherwise it uses it a sound device lol probably because it had a mic in it:

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