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ShuttleAU 04-17-2005 07:29 AM

USB headphones / Speakers
Hi All

I have installed SuSe 9.2 on my gigabyte motherboard.

I have a set of speakers as well as a headset , Logitech USB connected.

If I boot with the headset connected it is recognised and works fine. If I boot without the headset connected then the speakers work fine. Even KdeMix sets up the correct controls for volume and balance etc.

What I do not understand is how to change from speakers to headset without rebooting.
Is that possible ?


Bob Cantwell

Thorium 04-18-2005 02:48 AM

If you don't have it, I would try installing alsa config, but you probably still have it. Just whip open a console and try alsaconf as root, might be able to detect it and set it up like that, did for me when I was using 2 cards on my other comp, I'm sure someone has a better way though. :o

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