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SentralOrigin 10-25-2005 09:23 PM

USB Headphones
I have LogiTech USB headphones and they only plug into the USB jack. I'm using Debian 3.1, and whenever I try to play music, the music plays but I get no sound at all. I don't think it detects the driver. How do I get it to work?

MS3FGX 10-26-2005 03:15 PM

From my experience with USB Headsets (not headphones, exactly, but same concept) you need to specify the device to use for audio output.

For instance, in XMMS, going to Options -> Preferences -> Audio I/O Plugins tab, will show a page with an "Output Configuration" section. If you click "Configure" there, it will open up a dialog box with an "Audio Device" selection.

On my system, when the USB headset is connected, it appears in this dropdown box as "Logitech USB Headset". I just have to select it and then hit apply, and the audio works fine.

Now, this is with ALSA, if you are using OSS, instead of being able to select the device in the dropdown box, you will need to manually specify the mixer for the device.

SentralOrigin 10-26-2005 10:15 PM

How do I manually specify the mixer for the device? It's not in the dropdown menu

MS3FGX 10-27-2005 01:48 AM

Are you using ALSA or OSS?

If OSS, it would probably be whatever your current mixer is, but with a number added.

For my system, my normal soundcard is /dev/dsp, and the USB headset is /dev/dsp1.

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