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Jaa 08-19-2006 06:38 AM

usb device works only when is plugged in after booting
hello, I have a special device which should act like a usb keyboard. But when it's plugged in the usb during booting, it doesn't work. There is a blinking led which means "I'm initializing" but when I connect it after booting it works fine. Thanks to command usbmodules I know, that it uses module "usbhid". I use ubuntu 6.06. Thanks for answers.

aus9 08-20-2006 08:34 AM

well you have answered your question.....if it is a module that works for you then that means your kernel has not got it flagged to start in the kernel but only as a module.

if you need it a boot time you need to install your kernel source and read how Ubuntu users should compile their kernel.

Otherwise if you like can install a vanilla kernel and download its patch file....and that becomes your source then compile a vanilla kernel and become independent of any slowness from your distro in updating kernels.

there are a number of posts on how to compile kernels but I suggest these areas should interest you

1...find out if your device is a usb1.1 or 2 etc

kernel flags should enable both types if you are to remove it from the modules area

you have not named your device but some are named in the section of the kernel below so I will leave that for you to read

2 /device drivers/usb support
Y for support host
Y for device fs
y for ehci (usb2)
y for uhci (works for me) have a read by press H for help if you use menuconfig
y for human interface device (very important)
then the next line down go into the protocol and select the keyboard for HID (y)

also when you unpack your kernel source there is a folder called docs and subfolder usb that may help if the above did not?

good luck as I do not have such a device (whatever it is)

Jaa 08-22-2006 10:00 AM

Thank you. I have tried a Debian kernel and it seems that it works fine. I know, that it isn't the best way, but I haven't much time to compile my own kernel. The device is an RFID card reader which acts as a keyboard (it sends the code of the card like it have been written on a keyboard). Website of this device is, if it interest you.

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