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lgoldma 11-07-2012 06:30 AM

usb Brother printer won't print, cups 1.6.1
I am running Mandriva 2011. I have built and installed cups 1.6.1 and cups-filters 1.0.24 from the tarball; I installed the Brother drivers.
I can add the printer to cups via 'administration', but when I do there is no 'usb' choice nor any 'local printers, so I set it up at usb://Brother/MFCJ6710DW and proceed through the choices, pick the driver and create it, but nothing happens.

Nothing in the error_log points to the problem.
lpinfo -v

network ipp
network lpd
network http
network ipps
network https
network socket
network beh

Printer is clearly visible in lsusb and the /dev/bus/usb for the printer is set up with access set to '660' and to group 'lp'; have added myself and root to the group 'lp'.
usblp is not loaded as a module in the kernel
Printer is plugged in and actually will print from an Ubuntu VM.
Access log shows that the Print job was successful, but in fact nothing is printed

localhost - - [07/Nov/2012:07:55:53 -0500] "POST /printers/Brother_Printer HTTP/1.1" 200 391 Print-Job successful-ok
Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you in advance.

FredGSanford 11-07-2012 10:56 PM

Check to see if a2ps is installed. I've had this missing once and wouldn't let my AIO Brother MFC-5440cn not print anything.

Also I switched from Mdv to Mageia and after setting up the printer, I had to add this to the usb line. usb://Brother/MFC-5440CN?serial=BROM5F412304.

Now everytime I setup the printer after a fresh install, whatever is in that line, I just remove it and add this one. Printer works.

Just some thoughts.

lgoldma 11-08-2012 06:22 AM

thank you. I will try when I get home. All good advice. appreciate your taking the time to respond.

lgoldma 11-08-2012 08:39 PM

I checked and a2ps is present and I tried the extended description with the serial number; still didn't print. It is becoming clearer to me that the usb backend is not working. I don't know why. Thanks for your help.

lgoldma 11-14-2012 10:39 AM

Just to end the saga, I removed cups and reinstalled the distro packages. Then had trouble printing and finally resolved it by reinstalling libcups2 packages for Mandriva 2011, followed by a reinstall of lib64cups2 package and finally reinstalling the Brother drivers. All done using --replacepkgs option for all the packages. And now, I will leave well enough alone!! I never figured out how to get cups 1.6.1 working and I am done trying!

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