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zbrox 04-26-2005 05:55 PM

usb bluetooth dongle
i'm running ubuntu hoary and i want to buy myself a usb bluetooth dongle, so that i can connect my handy and my pc. the problem is i'm really confused and i'm afraid i will buy and unsupported software. can somebody give me an advice which dongle to buy that would be without any problem running under linux and will have an overall good performance too. thanks in advance!!!

uberNUT69 04-28-2005 03:09 AM

I bought an MSI class 1 dongle sometime ago (they've halved in price since purchase) and I think the performance with my ipaq h2210 is excellent. Range is surprisingly good (20m+ _with_ walls). Once software is configured properly (distro dependent?) browsing and streaming is seamless.
I chose this dongle for two reasons: class 1=high power output, and also high sensitivity (receive) as the ipaq has only class 2 bluetooth (lower power/range).

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