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morxy 10-17-2006 08:10 PM

USB Automount: /media/USB Disk
When I insert my USB pen drive Fedora automounts it under /media/USB Disk. How can I change this so it mounts under /mnt/usb instead? Is there a config file I can edit somewhere? There's no mention of it in /etc/fstab.

Many TIA,

mickyg 10-18-2006 02:55 AM

Have a look here (assuming Fedora uses autofs and not AMD):
Automount Configuration

Looks pretty simple, all you need to know is the device name of the USB disk, which will almost definately be /dev/sda, but check this first.

morxy 10-18-2006 12:49 PM

Thanks. It turned out to be more of a gnome-volume-manager/hald situation than automount.

Turns out gnome-volume-manager was using the FAT volume name of the USB disk as the name of the directory mount point. I changed the label of the USB filesystem to usb and, hey, it gets mounted at /media/usb now instead.

JZL240I-U 10-20-2006 08:08 AM

FYI: In the newer distros automount is superseded by hald, DBUS and udev. If interested, have a look at

In particular the second URI ist of interest if you mount different devices in differing orders and still want to have them always the same name.

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