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nkd 12-15-2008 04:34 AM

usb auto mount stopped working
hi everyone,
I have a fedora8 install on my laptop.
I have recently encountered a problem - my usb flash drives are no longer automatically mounted.
I donot remember having done anything in specific which caused it. But earlier on I had to just plug in my flash drive and an icon use to appear on the desktop. This is not working now.
However, I can still mount it manually.
I saw a few threads on this topic but haven't been able to find a solution as yet.What I have understood is - it's a HAL problem.
Can someone help me trouble shoot it.
thanks in advance

Hern_28 12-15-2008 09:21 PM

One thing to try.
I have never used fedora. Are you using kde or gnome? You can usually set options to have the mount-point on the desktop or not and since you can mount manually this might just be disabled. Check your GUI config settings and make sure its enabled.

nkd 12-16-2008 12:25 AM

I am using GNOME and the auto mount options are all checked correctly.
This has to be something with the HAL configuration as I had some problems with gnome power manager a few days back. I think somehow I had broken a few gnome applications and gnome-mount may also be one of them which if I am not wrong uses hald.
I just need the right references to get going...
thanks anyway

nkd 12-17-2008 11:59 AM

ok here's something unusual I noticed....
During bootup there is a warning which says something like - udevadm to be called instead of udevsettle....I donot have enough time to read it.
I scoured the /var/log/messages file, after the bootup completed, but did not find the error / warning in it.
Is there some other place where the boot messages get stored as they show up on the screen when the bootup process is in progress.
From whatever, I know it seems like the warning kicks in immediately after udev is invoked.

nkd 12-21-2008 12:08 PM

Well I explored a little bit on my own and it seems like the trouble is only with the windows partitions , the linux partitions continue to automount and show up on my desktop alright.
So I looked into the /etc/hal/policy file and found the dir structure entirely empty. Shouldnot there be some policies and files to register the callouts for the DBus messages ?
Should I re install hald on my system
can someone help me out ?

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