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desertViking 09-18-2009 07:19 PM

Unplugging USB device generates weird /var/log/messages entry

I'm having trouble getting Mandriva to recognize my udev rules. These rules work fine on several other distros. I've used them on Suse, Fedora, Slackware and Debian, so I'm reasonably confident that they are crafted OK but I'm not understanding something about udev on Mandriva.

The correct read/write attributes are not set when I plug the device in, but it functions correctly if I mannual set them via chmod.

The interesting thing is that when I disconnect the device, it throws a wierd error into /var/log/messages:


exec of program '/lib/udev/' failed
Has anyone ever seen that before, and does it provide some clue as to what my problem might be?

aus9 09-18-2009 09:04 PM


I am no expert but

2) maybe your rule expects a certain mount pathway which Mdv does not use?

3) have you tried to run
udevadm info
udevadm control debug

4) does your rule have a line similar to this? separated by a comma of course

RUN+="/bin/chmod 660 /pathway/file or /dev/something "

or define group or use 666 to get it working rw

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