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harisund 11-24-2005 05:32 PM

Unable to mount CD Rom drive during boot
Hello everyone

I am trying to install Debian. I downloaded the netinst CD, verified it using the md5 sum, and burned it onto a CD-R.

I boot my computer with it in the drive, and it shows me the Debian startup screen. I type linux26.

It proceeds to ask my place and time zone and all and during verifying installation media, it fails, and says it was unable to mount the cd rom. Switching to vc 3 (Alt F3) says /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 gives an error.

I am unable to understand what is going on wrong. I tried other live CDs and they work fine, and in fact I was even able to install Ubuntu completely. But whatever CD-R I write the netinst CD into, it simply fails to mount the CD.

Does anybody have any ideas? I will probably try downloading the first CD in the collection, instead of the netinst cd. But I thought it would be really convenient to download just the netinst and proceed from that and I was hoping I would be able to do that.

Thanks for any form of help.

And in case you want any more details it is an old P3 Dell Optiplex

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