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ramesh14 11-23-2009 11:09 PM

Unable to install fedora 9 on my intel machine.
Hi all,

In my office i want to install fedora9, here i'm using SATA DVD-RW drive, when i'm trying to install fedora9 i was getting black screen. I've been tried with different Fedora CD's. where as in that i was able to install Ubuntu. can any one suggest me that how to install fedora9 or 11.Here i'm giving the hardware what we have used.

Mother board-DG45ID
Hard disk capacity-500gb

saivin 11-23-2009 11:24 PM

Different fedora cds? You mean install cd of different fedora releases (f8/f9/f10) or cds in a set of same release?

I would suggest you try the latest release, Fedora 12. It is a fast and surprisingly stable release. If at all it was a video driver issue, it should be taken care by the latest kernel and drivers.

ramesh14 11-24-2009 03:58 AM

Hi saivin,

Thank you very much for your reply,i've been used different releases f8 & f9 and the cd's are in the set of different releases.ok now i'll try with f12.

ramesh14 12-29-2009 11:12 PM

Hi saivin,

As you suggested to go with fedora 12,i've installed fedora 12 in my system,but i want to configure moblin image creator on it.But the moblin packages are available only for fedora 9 & UBUNTU Linux, not for fedora 12,how can i get the moblin packages for it. can any one suggest me regarding this.

Thanks in advance.



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