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icpsvt 01-04-2006 05:10 PM

umount hangs on my ipod after writing data
Interesting little problem here -
I just got a ipod nano for xmas and was messing around with it a bit. I was able to put a bunch of stuff on it yesterday. I went home last night and decided to add more tracks to the player when I came across my problem.

Trying to unmount the device it just hangs. No error messages, nothing. Just sits. Even sending a reboot/shutdown command does nothing. Doesn't respond to a kill -9 either. Odd.

A little more background info - Gentoo 2005.1 - as updated as it can be. 2.6.14 or 16 - I don't remember. udev and hotplug are both installed. I'm syncing the ipod using gtkpod. it's a vfat filesystem

What's interesting is the amount of time it takes to write the information to the ipod. When I first got it - it took no more than a few seconds a song to write. Now it writes the first 30 or so songs like it used too, but it gets progressivly slower, up to taking 15-20 seconds/song. It's horrible.

So after waiting 10 minutes to sync the bloody thing I went to unmount it - and then it hangs again. I have no idea why - and everything I've seen online doesn't offer any answers.

I'll post dmesg info when I get back home - but until then, does anyone have ideas?

Jason Holmes

BrianK 01-04-2006 07:38 PM

Is it able to unmount when you've just written one song?

on an old distro I used to use, unmounting pen drives would take quite a long time being that it didn't "finish up" any of the file commands until unmount.

icpsvt 01-05-2006 12:42 AM

actually yeah it is. but this seems kinda rediculous to be waiting this long. espicially since the first time i did anything the unmounting was really snappy.


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