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pingu 10-25-2005 02:13 AM

TwinView: want maximized window on [B]one[/B] monitor.
Well, this worked fine in Mandrake - I'm currently running Debian sid/Mepis.
I have twinview enabled and working, second monitor RightOf.
Thing is, when I maximize a window it covers both screens, but I want it to cover only one.
The settings are copied from Mandrake, but then Mandrake uses xorg and Debian XFree - could that be the cause?
"Metamodes" is "1280x1024,800x600@800x600; 1280,1024"
It doesnt do any difference changing this, or excluding the '@800x600'
I found one section in the README concerning this, it says basically nVidias Xinerama-extension must be used - and it is.

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