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wazungy 09-14-2004 06:56 PM

TV out parameters for fglrxconfig please
I have been banging on getting the TV out working on my radeon 9500 pro.

Several false starts, I decided to re-install the ati driver (3.9.0)

fglrxconfig asks if I want to enable TV Out and I chose YES.
Somewhere I chose to have a crt monitor primary and tv out secondary.

I then enter the refresh rates for my primary monitor.
No problem.

I was then asked for the horizontal refresh/resolution of the second monitor.
WHOA! I have NO clue, please help. Options are
1. 31.5 kHz 640x480 at 60 Hz.
2. 31. 5 to 39 or so up to 800x600
choices 3 to 7 are higher still.
Option 8 is enter my own rate.

After I guess at this section (I chose 1) I was asked to configure the vertical refresh rate of the secondary monitor.
6 choices, geez, I give up.

Can one of the gang here give me a hand?

Simple set up, NTSC-M I think.(north america)
I use a video in and audio in RCA type jack into the television and the svid out on the radeon 9500. I use the svid to composite adaptor that plugs into the 9500.

I appreciate any help with the above.

Now the kicker....
I want it set up so I can watch DVD on the TV.
Is this possible?
Many thanks.


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