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irvken 10-19-2007 05:43 PM

turn on wifi with power on button

I bought a new laptop from Aldi last week, wiped Vista and installed Debian. It runs very nicely with Compiz, I'm very pleased. I'm having difficulty getting the wifi working though and a laptop is not much use without wifi :(

I'm not really sure of the model, it's manufactured by medion and has realtek usb wifi device installed internally. I got the windows driver and followed the instructions for installing it with ndiswrapper and everything seemed to go ok, but it still didn't seem to work.

So I tried with a dlink usb adapter and a linux driver and that seemed to go ok , but didn't work either.

Now I suspect that both devices are fine and that the drivers are properly installed but there is an extra hardware switch for turning on the wifi next to the power button and I don't know how to get that to work.

Any help appreciated.

Junior Hacker 10-20-2007 01:04 PM

Try turning on the wifi card, then you'll need to load the module/driver you will be using. For instance, I have a Intel Pro Wireless 2200 card, when I need to load the module manually after unloading it purposely, I issue this command:

modprobe ipw2200
Because the ipw2200.ko modules come with the kernel, it is found in /lib/modules/2.6.21-2-686/kernel/drivers/net/wireless on my system. I don't know how things go with ndiswrapper, but if the "Linux driver" you mentioned is in a module format, you can try that one with this method.

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